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By mdc0920 (10 McR Points) on Sep 17, 2011

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October 18, 2011
Rode it loved it will return again and again.…

Written Directions

Starting in Antlers Oklahoma (hi-way 3 runs through it) head north on Hi-way 271 towards Clayton. (If you want to spend the night in Antlers, there are two decent hotels in the town. One on the west side costing about $85 per night, one at the intersection of Hi-way 3 and Hi-way 271 costing about $50 per night) Some nice hill scenes north of Snow through Clayton (take a moment and pull off into the "Clayton Lake" park to restroom break and take in the view. Head back north to Clayton. The gas station at the intersection of 271 and 2 serves a very good burger. Might also be the spot you need to fill up with fuel since it is one of the last for some miles. Once out of Clayton, head north where 2 and 271 split. Head to the east (go right) onto 271. You will go through Tuskahoma and Albion through Talihina and then north on 271 until you turn right (east) onto Hi-way 1. This will provide you with a nice "peak ride" through the Kiamichi mountains, with several scenic view stops provided by the state. Continue east until you reach the hi-way 259 exit (One goes over 259 so be aware of this). Take the 259 exit south towards Broken Bow. Broken Bow is a good distance from this point. Before you get to Broken Bow, you might want to consider taking exit 259A (Broken Bow Lake) And visit Beaver Bend State Park. Wonderful views, nice cold water river crossing, great little museum to wander through to get the blood moving back through your legs. Once done, take 259A back to 259 and head south to Broken Bow. Once in Broken Bow...take a right (head west) on Hi-way 3 and head back to Antlers (about 50 miles).


The time to do this ride is in the fall. The colors rival anyplace I have ridden in America. Plenty of lakes and streams and hills. Wonderful winding roads, clear view straight-a-ways. Most of the ride you will have little to zero traffic. Bring your own food and water. Keep track of your fuel as there are a few lengths where you will have no opportunity for any of these.

Drive Enjoyment

I would rate these roads "5", but you never know how roads are after you ride them do you! I can tell you that I have ridden more than 20,000 miles in Oklahoma on bike, and this route (road wise) rates up with some of the best in the state.

Tourism Opportunities

If you are riding this route after noon on Saturday or at any time on Sunday...you can consider this ride "a ride through the wilderness" as much of everything is closed in this portion of the state during these hours! So, get your food in Antlers, take a break and gas and snacks in Clayton...because it is going to be after you cross hi-way 1 and head south and finally reach Hochatown Oklahoma before you get a chance to do any of that again!

Motorcycle Road Additional info

While this is a scenic and easy (for the most part) route...I cannot stress that there are long stretches where you are going to be alone...and by alone I mean without cell phone service too. Make sure your bike is in order before you head out on this ride.

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October 18, 2011
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
Rode it loved it will return again and again. Come try it.
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