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By Jeremysilas (5 McR Points) on Oct 24, 2018

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Written Directions

Starting 5 miles east of Ringold, OK at the South Pole Store on Highway 3 and Merry Highway, head north on Merry Highway (N4555/Old Oklahoma 98). The road quickly turns to dirt and gravel, but it's doable on standard or even smaller cruiser bikes. After about 10.5 miles you will reach Crowsfoot Junction and the roads going from there are good for enduro/adventure riding. Take the left center road to continue on Merry Highway for another 10-11 miles until the road T's into Main County Street which runs through Battiest, OK. The roads from here on are all paved. Continue on Main County St for 7.5 miles until the road T's into Indian Route 144. Turn left and continue on 144 for about 15 miles until you reach Honobia and cross the Little River. 144 continues north to Talihina and from there the Talimena Scenic Drive.


This route crosses a mountains and valleys of southeast Oklahoma, nothing incredibly steep, but still great views. This route starts with a lot of forestland and dirt roads that have a little traffic so you aren't too worried about getting stranded. The second part of the route, when the road is paved, grows into farms and ranchland. The views are nice going through this rural area of Oklahoma. The route is not far from the Glover River and ends at the Little River, so there are some creeks and rivers to see along the way. A number of small roads go off from this route that have low water crossings or climb steep hills to give you even better views.

Drive Enjoyment

The route is rarely straight, has a lot of curves and flows nicely. The second part is paved asphalt, which is very nice in comparison to the dirt and gravel of the first half. Wouldn't recommend the route to very heavy bikes unless you are comfortable on relatively smooth dirt and gravel. The gravel is not deep or scary, it's an easy ride on an adventure or dual sport bike.

Tourism Opportunities

At the start of the route is the South Pole Store, which has ethanol free gas and a few other conveniences. Battiest is about halfway and has a few stores, but I didn't need to stop there. Honobia has a small cafe across the Little River that is excellent, although it's not health food. I had a fantastic Firehouse burger.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review