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By Ketchum (5 McR Points) on Oct 03, 2012

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June 16, 2013
Not a good route. Mostly old farm houses. Poor…

Written Directions

Start out in Andover, Ohio. Small town with a lot of good food and drink. Head East out of town on Main Street (Rt 85) and turn right just before crossing Pymatuning Lake onto "Pymatuning Lake Road". Continue on Lake Road for about 10 miles. It will turn into County Line Road, later Simmons Road, later it will turn due west (right turn) and it will dead end on Stanhope-Kellogsville Road. Take a left at that dead end, and continue until you reach Route 87 (Kinsman Road). Take a right on to Route 87. Continue until you reach Route 11 (free way) and head north on Route Eleven. Exit Route 11 onto Route 6 and take a right, which will take you back into Andover. Nice little cruise with lots of nice country scenery and plenty of resting spots/bars/gas stations


This route covers the area around and west of Pymatuning Lake. Along the route you will see the biggest man made lake in the United States, roll through quiet farm land, and have the chance to stop at many a bar or resting place. The vast majority of the scenery consists of Trees, Hills, Curves, Farm Fields (corn, soy, wheat) and small creeks and parks. Many Parks are also on the route, so there are tons of relaxing spots to stop and enjoy the scenery, such as Pymatuning State Park (w/beach), Poplar Grove, and Jamestown Dam which holds Pymatuning Lake together.

Drive Enjoyment

Most of the pavement on this route is in great, brand new condition. Pymatuning Lake Road has a couple spots where you must watch for gravel near intersections or curves. There are very few potholes on the journey, and any that are present would be on Lake Road. Lake Road offers the best scenery however, so just watch for gravel and some road wear. The rest of the route is in great shape, smooth, large, flat roads with plenty of nice twists and turns.

Tourism Opportunities

There are many parks along the route, such as Jamestown Dam, Pymatuning State Park, and Poplar Grove. Each of which has hiking trails to stretch your legs, grills that anyone can use, and amazing scenery. There are multiple bars, restaurants, and gas stations along the route if you need to refuel yourself or the bike.

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June 16, 2013
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
Not a good route. Mostly old farm houses. Poor roads. Rt 6 to get there was better scenery. Sorry but didn't like the route. Rt 11 is surrounded by trees on both sides so you don't see much.
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