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By Akumu (3555 McR Points) on Jan 02, 2021

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This route starts/ends, AS MAPPED, in Beverly, OH and starts/ends just south of Dexter City, OH. Outside of these areas the route is mostly straight, mostly flat and boring, in my opinion.


As can be seen by my videos of the road, it's typical rural Ohio, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. You have your rolling hills, your winding creeks, your trees removed from the road, a bit, and your farms and farm yard animals. All par for the course, but on this section of this road you're not going to have time to take in the sites...

Drive Enjoyment

This road has a lot of sweeping curves, and certainly it's fair share of twisties of all sorts, barring hairpins, to keep you entertained. If you're anything like me, keep you entertained, they will.

Tourism Opportunities

None. Dexter City and Macksburg are tiny. Beverly is bigger, but just a town, nothing of real note except that it was founded in 1789.

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