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By Akumu (2697 McR Points) on Dec 24, 2013

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2697 McR Points
December 29, 2013
I've seen a few comments of this road on another…

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From 821 North to Lower Salem, Ohio take the right onto 145 North. (It starts off as Main St. but leaves town shortly thereafter.)


There's not a hell of a lot of scenery, but I wouldn't exactly call it boring. Truth be told, the further north you get the more you're going to be wanting to be focused on the road, with all of it's blind hills.

Drive Enjoyment

The further north you are the better condition the road is in (a 5). Further south it's just fine at 4.

Tourism Opportunities

Not much. Like many of the roads in and around Wayne's it's a ride, not really a destination for a bar/club/fuel etc.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This road is nick named 'The Rollercoaster' for a reason. While there's plenty of roads in this area with blind hills I do believe I counted into the late teens of blind hills on this road, and the further north you are the more anxious you may become. Great fun.

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Ohio Route 145 (North)
Ohio Route 145 (North)
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December 29, 2013
2697 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
I've seen a few comments of this road on another site that people don't especially consider this road note worthy. Then I've been trapped behind, what I can only imagine as, these people riding the road so slowly, due to it's blind hills. The blind hills, twisties, sweepers and yes even blind hills during a twisty turn or a sweeper are what make this road so much for to ride fast or fairly fast. The unexpected of what's down the road is great. This road was named this way by my friend just because of that. That said, I really like this road and try to work it into all of my Wayne's runs.
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