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By Akumu (3811 McR Points) on Oct 17, 2020

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Written Directions

This route is East off of Route 151, 1.5 miles South of Bowerston & at the same time 3.4 miles East off of U.S. Route 250 North. Or, if you wish to do this route going West - This route is 1.9 miles south of Scio, Ohio off of Route 646 going West. (You also want to ride 151 and 646, as they're even better than this road.) If coming from the South, you'll look for Route 646, turn right onto it and ride 4.7 miles to this route CR44 Gundy Ridge Road. Keeping in mind this is a county route, so the entrance on either end is going to have smaller signage.


3 in the green months, 4.5 in the autumn months is the ranking I give this road for scenery. For starters, a video is worth millions of words. So, please, check out my video on this route on my YouTube channel, address listed below. That said, a good chunk of this road is canopy, or partial canopy, though it does open up from time to time. It is a hilly little road, and has numerous 4 way intersections, despite being in the middle of nowhere, so mind your speed a bit. You'll also get to see the 'scenery' of the Marcellus platforms, and if you're lucky their water trucks. :(

Drive Enjoyment

Freshly paved black top, as of October 2020 on the West end. Even on the East end the pavement is in pretty good nick. Mind the white dusty bits from the Marcellus water trucks. Fortunately they go so slow that you can...well, I won't tell you to do anything illegal. (*'-')>

Tourism Opportunities

None. There is nothing to see here regarding tourism. The point of this route is to bypass U.S. Route 250 and it's tourism opportunities, and get away from people on their cell phones.

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If you wish to see more roads like these visit my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/AkumuX I have MANY videos of areas like OH, PA, MD, WV, TN, NC and VA.

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