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By MCR Contributor (1026 McR Points) on May 15, 2011

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December 27, 2014
You've got about a 90% chance than someone will…

Written Directions

Road starts near Cuyahoga Falls, Oh just off of the West end of Graham Rd. Not far from route 8. Then just follow Bath all the way till it ends, then turn around and do it again! It ends inairlawn.


Just north of Akron, with easy access from a couple different Interstate highways, is this short twisty little drive. It runs near the cuyahoga valley national park, down through the valley and back up the other side.

Drive Enjoyment

This road is twisty! lots of switchbacks (maybe not official switchbacks, idk what else to call them) down into the valley with some nice curves at the bottom then back up some switchbacks at the other end. Even though I don't drive a motorcycle, I've always loved driving this road. I had a friend with an acura tl who lived just off of Bath and we would drive there from School. I would chase him through the turns at 50 miles an hour. Just be careful, the ditches on the sides could be killer if you slid into one.

Tourism Opportunities

There's some nice stuff at the end of the road but other than that you'd have to venture slightly off route to get much. There is Peninsula, Ohio (good biker spot) not far from Bath Rd.

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December 27, 2014
15 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
You've got about a 90% chance than someone will be in front of you for this entire route. There is one place to place down in the valley as you cross the Cuyahoga but there will certainly be another car ahead to set a frustrating pace. It is a nice road with some very technical turns amidst elevation changes. Have fun.
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