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By Bennyboom (5 McR Points) on Feb 29, 2016

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Written Directions

Route Start - Noxon Rd, LagrangevilleRoute End - County Road 21, Wingdale Follow Noxon road from route 55 in Lagrangeville. Noxon will turn into Aruthersburg road before it hits the Taconic State Parkway. Take the left to stay on Noxon (Once you make the left that is were the route begins). Stay straight (It will eventually cross route 55) and you will follow this road all the way until route 22 in Wingdale. My buddy and I found this route messing around and call it our hidden "Back Road Blitz"


This road is a real "Diamond in the Rough." The scenery ranges from open fields, mountain ranges, and tight downhill turns ( or Uphill depending on which way your going ) through the woods

Drive Enjoyment

Road quality is great throughout the entire trip. It is generally straight but does have curves along the way and a few of them are relatively tight turns.

Tourism Opportunities

The trip ends at a route 22 Dunkin Donuts with a gas station. Perfect for a pit stop. There is also a Dunkin Donuts gas station a couple miles from the route beginning (In Lagrange).

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is a great trip that takes around 2 Hours to go down ( Stop for a coffee ) and back in the direction you came from. Going backwards on the road gives a new perspective, different view, and it feels like a completely different road.

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