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April 14, 2015

Written Directions

This loop begins and ends at the Mobil station on the corner of New Scotland and Krumkill in Albany. Start out heading southwest on New Scotland Rd. Continue straight through (2nd exit) the rotary onto 85W/New Scotland Rd. Turn right onto 85A. At the next rotary continue straight (2nd exit) to continue on 85A west, then take a right onto 156W. Follow 156W for 7mi unto you come into Altamont. Turn right onto 146E / Main St. Follow 146E for 3 miles and then turn right onto 201 / Depot Rd. After approximately 4 miles bear right to follow US 208E until you come upon 85A again. Turn right onto 85A and then take the second left onto US 306 / Voorheesville Ave. Voorheesville Ave turns into Normanskill Rd, then take a right onto Krumkill Rd. Follow Krumkill for 5 miles (stay straight through the traffic circle). After going over the 85 overpass take a right onto Bender Ave, which turns back into Krumkill Rd. This will bring you back to the Mobil station from which you started.


Impressive scenery on the ride given that it is not much outside Albany. 85A takes you through some small towns, which give way to more open farmland as you continue onto 156. Some interesting old barns and buildings, but mostly open cropland. The hills of Thatcher Park provide some nice views on your left as you head west on 156. The area around Altamont again brings some quaint town scenery. Continuing onto 146 and 201 bring you out into open fields with wide views. You end on Krumkill road which becomes a bit more forested and tight as you head toward Albany.

Drive Enjoyment

This route provides a nice mix of high speed straights, long open-view sweeepers and a few curvy sections that are a bit more technical. Mostly rolling hills or flat in the areas of open fields, however if you take the 306 detour there are two sections that have roller-coaster style humps. Many portions of this route are freshly paved or have nice flat roadway. The ending section of Krumkill is in relatively rough shape with some potholes and quite a few bumps. I would give the road quality a higher rating if not for the bumpy parts of Krumskill. The portions of New Scotland and Krumskill closest to Albany can have a bit of city traffic, but it disappears quickly as you head away from the city.

Tourism Opportunities

Relatively short ride so not much need to stop for rest. Plenty of gas along the route and at the start/stop point. If you are interested in extending the ride a bit there are many good roads in Thatcher State park which is right by 156. Several antique stores along the way, though I have never stopped at any. Altamont has some small shops and if you are looking to stop for dinner there is Mio Vino Wine Bar which has pretty good food/drinks. Also there are quite a few restaurants in Albany.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

If you want to avoid the rough patches on Krumskill you can continue on US 306 instead, which will meet back up with New Scotland rd.

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April 14, 2015
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