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By ewill69810 (12 McR Points) on Mar 30, 2020

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Written Directions

Pick up route 97 from us routes 6 & 209 in Port Jervis or route 268 in Hancock


Starting in Port Jervis route 97 winds along a shear cliff cut into the side of the mountain then drops down to run the entire 70 miles having the Delaware River usually in your view. The beginning in called the Hawks Nest very twisty after that its a good ride offering great scenery.

Drive Enjoyment

The road as of this date is well maintained offers elevation changes, and twisties and more relaxed curves

Tourism Opportunities

Their are some services along the way as well as some small towns. Fort Delaware is an opportunity along the way. However, gas is not plentiful along this route so fill up when its available.

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