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Written Directions

This route end points are Milford and Cherry Valley, NY and all you do is take State Route 166 between the two towns. From the south get off of I-88/Route 7 and head north on State Rte 28 to Milford. Right at light onto 166. Milford Inn with reopened restaurant is spittin distance from the turn onto 166. 19 miles, more or less, north and you're in Cherry Valley, the next traffic light. A sharp right at that light will get you up to U.S. 20/Cherry Valley Turnpike which, at that point is a 4 lane divided highway with an actual interchange at the intersection of 166 and 20. From the North on US 20 take 166 South to Cherry Valley and then head 19 miles on down to Milford. At Milford you can turn left to get on Rte 28 down to I-88/7 (Oneonta - 5 miles SW of this juncture has a LOT of watering holes, heck this small city has two colleges) or turn right on 28 in Milford and head up to Cooperstown.


A beautiful valley road that runs between Milford and Cherry Valley with good hills and sporadic residences.

Drive Enjoyment

State road is well maintained that has sweeping curves and is reasonably banked. Small grass strip airport on east in Westville.

Tourism Opportunities

Reopened restaurant in Milford at the old Milford Inn and Cherry Valley at the other end has some interesting points of interest (a good restaurant, a celtic store, a museum). Fuel at both ends. Glider rides available by appointment at Westville Airport.

About halfway between Milford and Cherry Valley is Route 28 which as a detour, you could take west to Cooperstown if you wanted to take in some more sites. There are a lot of amenities in Cooperstown with baseball themes predominating. There are two microbreweries: The Cooperstown Brewing Company in Milford (S of 166) with baseball themed brews and the (Belgian) Ommegang Brewery on County Rte 33 going north off of 166 just west of the barn west of the bridge that goes over the Susquehanna River - there's a very sharp right hand turn around another barn going north on 33 just south of Ommegang - which is on the east side of 33 (Ommegang does tours). Ommegang does last fermentation in the bottle and is closed with a caged cork like champagne. Relatively high alcoholic contents in 25.4 oz bottles.

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