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By Swissy201 (9 McR Points) on Jun 15, 2014

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Written Directions

From the South: take Goodman St north through Irondequoit. After you pass the intersection of East Ridge Road, the road becomes King's Highway. From there, it's 3 miles of twists and turns through Durand Eastman Park until you hit Lakeshore Blvd and dead end into Lake Ontario.


Nothing too special as scenery goes on this route. A couple of decent spots to look out over some forest/marshland, but that's about it.

Drive Enjoyment

Plenty of twists and turns from this small stretch of road. The road is in pretty good shape, with the exception of some gravel and dirt in some of the turns; probably from construction work.

Tourism Opportunities

There's nothing on this road other than turns and trees. At the south end is Irondequoit, so it's easy to find gas stations before you hit the road. At the north end is Lakeshore Blvd, which is still in the park, so no gas or restaurants that way.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review