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By Tuckahoe Joe (5 McR Points) on Jan 31, 2015

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Written Directions

Rte 22 in Westchester County. Very easy to find: just look directly north of NYC. You will see an interstate spur 684 and this will intersect with interstate 287 in White Plains, NY. Route 22 is just north west of the 687/287 intersection, runs right next to Kensico Reservoir, and runs parallel to 684. You want to start your route at where Bronx River Parkway and Route 22 meet at the Kensico Dam in Valhalla, NY. Take Route 22 north all the way up to Bedford, NY.


As soon as you pick up rte 22 from the Kensico Dam, rte 22 transforms from a congested, commercial shopping thoroughfare- laden with traffic lights and stop signs, you can turn this into the perfect little 2 hr trip but I'm only describing 22 up to about Bedford, NY (about 12 miles). Almost instantly you ride past and over the Kensico Reservoir on a 4 lane smoothly paved series of sweepers and bends. A few miles later 22 squeezes down to 2 lanes, as you go through some of the prettiest and wealthiest residential areas of Northern Westchester County.

Drive Enjoyment

Most of the stretch is newly or recently paved. There is a short stretch where you will have 3 or 4 traffic lights within a mile or so, but that's just about it! For a ride that starts less than a half hour from the Bronx boarder, you cannot beat it.

Tourism Opportunities

The base of the Kensico Dam is a good place to meet up as it is a County park. You can also travel 1/4 mile toward the Taconic Pkwy from the Dam and stop in Valhalla at Pat's Deli. Unreal sandwiches! further up in Armonk is Nicky's Deli on the right just as 22 converges down to two lanes. Perfect for breakfast egg sandwiches and coffee. About 12 miles north of the dam is the beautiful Village of Bedford. Stop at the Deli in the middle of town, and gawk at the Maseratis and 50s classic cars that roll by.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Because most of the highways and parkways in Westchester County run North/South, rte 22 has surprisingly little traffic in the area described. A rare find in suburban NYC.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review