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By MCR Contributor (988 McR Points) on May 18, 2011

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April 25, 2015
Used to live in Roswell. This one of the few…

Written Directions

Navigate to HWY 246 in ROSWELL, head west on 246 to CAPITAN. Once you reach hwy 246 you can't get lost.


Average to fair scenery quality. Mountains to your 12 on the beginning of the journey, they draw closer on your 10 and 9 as you near the mid-point of the route, passing through and around the mounts. towards the end. Capitan Historical Marker at end of route on left.

Drive Enjoyment

Some potholes along edge of road, otherwise a very nice ride. Nice elevation changes but nothing too serious. Wish I would have brought the bike for this route. Perfect for those who do not want to be interrupted by LEO on high-speed runs.

Nice elevation changes, nothing too serious. Long sweepers with a few (not many) tight curves (20mph-35mph curves) along the route. Mostly open road. Didn't encounter any LEO at all over a 4 hour period of 120mph runs. Some potholes on the edges of the road but nothing a bike couldn't dodge. Recommend staying to the mid-center of the lane for all hill crests to avoid any unexpected road conditions. REMEMBER TO BE VERY ALERT TO BLIND HILLS/CURVES AND ONCOMING VEHICLES AS MOST OF THE LOCALS WILL USE 100% OF THE ROAD AND WILL BE FLYING.

Tourism Opportunities

Absolutely ZERO amenities. Make sure you top-off fuel and (drinking)water (in ROSWELL) before beginning this route. There is absolutely NOTHING between Roswell and Capitan except a farmhouse or two, with VERY LIMITED amenities in Capitan. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. If you do not have a reliable bike __DO_NOT__ attempt this route. At the end of this route is a park to the LEFT with bathroom facilities to wash the dust from your visor and drain the lizard before getting back on the road. Some Fuel Facilities on the way back to ROSWELL only open until 3-5pm, unknown facilities heading west.

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Hwy 246 - Roswell to Capitan
Hwy 246 - Roswell to Capitan
Hwy 246 - Roswell to Capitan
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April 25, 2015
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Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Used to live in Roswell. This one of the few routes that aren't dead straight and dead flat. As was stated, there is absolutely NOTHING along the way. Fill your tank and make sure your bike is in shape for 100 degree plus weather. It's doubtful that you will get any cell phone reception so be prepared.

FYI: Capitan is the home and final resting place of the world famous Smokey the Bear. They have the obligatory park and monuments to his memory. Some nice native arts & crafts for sale locally as well.

From Capitan, it is a short ride on to Ruidoso. I'd suggest making the trip a circular one and going on to Ruidoso and return to Roswell via US 70.

For good food and cold beer, check out Farley's in both Ruidoso and Roswell. Both are quite biker friendly.
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