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By Jerry D (30 McR Points) on Sep 02, 2014

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Written Directions

From Taos, NM 68 S. to 518 turn left, you will turn right on 75,then left on 76, another left on 503,this option may not be the best for inexperienced riders as the road narrows and homes/building are very close to the road making it one lane in some places, then steep climbs and very tight switch backs on the way out of the town of Cundiyo, NM. Option two is to continue on 76 and turn left on to 98 this will join back up with 503 where you turn right toward Nambe, NM. then to 84/285 north is Espanola, NM south is Santa Fe, NM.


From Taos heading south there will be plenty of tall pines with sweeping curves, hills and valleys along with small communities, art galleries, wineries, as you approach the community of Truchas, NM. the terrain turns to high desert landscape as you descend from over 8,700 ft. and more open vistas of the valley below around each curve and over each crest of the hills.

Drive Enjoyment

Overall average, you must watch for sand and gravel washed across the roadway on curves after a rain.

Tourism Opportunities

Taos of course has plenty to see and do, with lots of history. Traveling south on the High Road to Taos Scenic Highway there are fewer options. You will find cafes and fuel in the town of Penasco, NM. there are a few pulls with scenic views and good photo ops. On 98 less than 1/2 mi. south of junction 76/98 in Chimayo, NM. is a fine restaurant Rancho De Chimayo, very good food and a great place to stop and look around, it does set back off the road on your left so you need to be looking for it. As you get to Nambe, NM. there is the Historic Nambe Trading Post and a winery down the road a little further

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There is a NewMexico.org website that details this route at - http://www.newmexico.org/high-road-to-taos-trail/

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High Road to Taos Scenic Byway
High Road to Taos Scenic Byway
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