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By tecknight (10 McR Points) on Aug 08, 2016

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Written Directions

The run starts in Elmer B. Boyd park just south of Rutgers University (see interactive picture below) and heads north, northeast up to Washington Rock. This route on average takes about an hour or so. Start in Elmer B. Boyd park and head north on Route 18, cross the river and exit on to River Road heading north (now you're on the east side of the Rivertan). Take this all the way up till you hit Lincoln Blvd, and take a left on Lincoln which turns into Talmage Ave. Then take a right on to Tea Street (right before you would go under I-287 if you were to keep going). Head north on Tea Street, pass Middle Brook Park on your left and take a right onto Verona Place and then a quick left onto Thompson Ave. Stay on that until you run into Chimney Rock Road where you want to take a right. Stay on Chimney Rock and until it T's into Washington Valley Rd where you want to take a left and then a quick right onto Mt Horeb Rd and head north and the road will eventually turn east and run into Mt Bethel Rd. Take a right onto Mt. Bethel and take that southeast until it runs into Hyw 22 where you want to take a left and find Washington Ave, take a left and go into the park and up to Washington Rock.


The ride starts out at a park and heads through Rutgers campus then follows the Raritan River as northwest. Eventually the route turns northeast away from the river and heads to the top of the Washington Rock which is on top of the Watchung Mountains. There will be a great view from up there!! Pretty much all the scenery will be on top of the mountain but there some good view while along the Raritan River through New Brunswick.

Drive Enjoyment

For the most part the route is well paved but on some of the more local roads I would watch out for potholes. I would stay away from this run during the busy traffic times. Most of the route is on back roads but this area can become congested.

Tourism Opportunities

This runs goes through a pretty packed area and New Brunswick will have a lot to do and there a couple of parks along the Raritan that you can stop at.

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