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By fordtrucknut (7 McR Points) on Jun 17, 2013

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June 26, 2013
the map is a bit wrong!!!!! when i created this…

Written Directions

Starting on Kingshighway in Rolla, head west and get on the south outer road(old route 66) that follows the interstate, it is a nice 7-8 mile scoot to Doolittle, mo. Once you get to Doolittle you will come to a stop sign head left down T-HWY, follow the speed limits!!! 2 miles and you drop into Newburg, stay on T-HWY, once you cross the river you are about out of town and ready to crack the throttle, your in for 13 miles of a mix of sweeping curves, tight turns , and short strait a ways, all carved into the mark twain national forest. 13 miles later you'll come to M-HWY, but the road merges so just stay ahead, now your into 6 miles of straits with 90deg turns, and a couple S-curves, once to the end of that your in a little town of Edgar Springs, at the "flashing light" go strait and follow the road through town, and turn left onto H-HWY, this road is a 2 part road, first half is 8 miles long it is lots of up and down twists and turns, with a few bluffs thrown in, then you come to a stop sign, turn right and then the immediate right to stay on H-HWY, the next stretch is about 20 miles it is more rolling hills, and farm land, with nice throttle testing straits. At the end of H-HWY you come into Salem, MO. You want to turn right onto HWY72 and make a left at the next stop sign 72/32-HWY, follow that and at the 3rd stop light you want to turn left onto 19-HWY, you will go through the old town as you head out of town keep an eye out for 68-HWY on your left, 68-HWY is just a mix of all you have been on so far, and it is a nice route to enjoy, it runs about 35 or so miles long. Once you reach the end of 68-HWY you want to turn left and head towards Saint James, MO. Once in town you want to turn left BEFORE you cross the rail road tracks, this is W Washington ST/ BB-HWY, you want to get ready because BB-HWY is full of wicked turns, 15mph warning signs, and plenty of areas to drag pegs/boards. It is a wild 10 miles back to Rolla, be sure to wait up if you have any novice riders with you. Once in Rolla, your on 10th street, you can follow that strait through to 63-HWY, and turn left at the 10th ST/63-HWY intersection and the next right will put you right back on Kingshighway. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!


this is a longer trip but you will see old route 66 businesses, rivers, bluffs over looking old farm land, the beautiful mark twain national forest, beautiful farm lands, a few old towns that still offer that home town feel. pretty much some of the best Mid-MO has to offer.

Drive Enjoyment

old route 66 is just that old, watch out for bumps and pot holes, but once you get on the lettered highways your in for a real treat with a little bit of everything sweeping curves, tight twisties, caution in some of the turns along the way though, their are quite a few gravel roads on corners so it will wash bits of gravel onto the pavement from time to time.

Tourism Opportunities

Amenities are good with areas to stop about every 20 miles or less. Doolitle has "cooking from scratch" home of Missouris best pan fried chicken, Edgar Springs has the Burger Bar, a little diner inside the gas station. salem has all the normal chain foods, plus some home town cafes, also if you deviate off route about 1 miles, you can stop at Horseshoe bar and grill, they are very biker friendly.

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June 26, 2013
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the map is a bit wrong!!!!! when i created this route the map page wouldn't let me do it right. but follow the direction in the description.
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