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By scr8pin (5 McR Points) on Mar 11, 2015

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Start in Seligman, MO Turn East on Highway 112 towards Mark Twain Nat'l Forrest Turn right onto Highway F at Roaring River State Park Turn left onto Highway 86 toward Cassville Turn left back onto Highway 112 back to Roaring River..


Some small farms, but mostly wooded and some scenic views. Sometimes can see bald eagles...

Drive Enjoyment

Great pavement. A BUNCH of sweeping turns, dips, hills, sharp curves and twists..2 hills are swallow your heart kind of hills!

Tourism Opportunities

Take a pit stop at Roaring River State Park for a nice break. See the trout at the trout farm, dip your feet into the ICE COLD river. No gas stops once you leave Seligman. Nothing but the road, trees and farmland for this route.

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