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By oz46 (5 McR Points) on Aug 26, 2013

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Big dog 1
2 McR Points
April 10, 2016
Nice route for a short ride desensitized roads…

Written Directions

From Clinton, Mo you will head on East on Hwy 7 for 10 miles. You will then turn right on SE Hwy U. Hwy U will turn into SE 801 Rd and then SE 671 Rd but you will not have to make any turns until you reach Hwy Z. When you reach Hwy Z you will turn left going East. You will continue on Hwy Z for 2 miles. You will then come to Rte ZZ junction and you will hang a right on Rte ZZ. Continue on Rte ZZ for about 12 miles to the small town of Iconium, MO.


At first you will be cruising through some Missouri farmland, but not for long. Once you get to Hwy U prepare yourself for some great scenery with some great crossings over Harry S. Truman Reservoir. There are many big curves and switchbacks on this cruise.

Drive Enjoyment

This is a very good road to cruise the Hogs! I don't think I saw a pothole the entire ride. Once you get to Rte ZZ it looks like they did a little road repair, but they did a good job so ride on!

Tourism Opportunities

Iconium, MO has a general store where they make an incredible peach float. You can also order fried food baskets.

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Big dog 1
April 10, 2016
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Nice route for a short ride desensitized roads from u turn on 82 to Osceola stop at sugar foot BBQ great place to stop
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