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By MCR Contributor (988 McR Points) on May 22, 2011

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October 25, 2013
This is a part of one of my favorite rides…

Written Directions

We began our trip from Linn, Mo. It is just East of Jefferson City, Mo., right off Highway 50. This ride begins at the intersection of Highway 50 and Highway 100. Travel north on 100 until you make it to a stop sign at about the 5.4 miles just south of Luystown. There is signage that indicates 100 is to the right. AT this point you just continue through the rolling hills until you get near the river flats. There is an area that is just past Deer creek where there is an area marked "BUMP" that is well marked. Just past the bump is a Rail Road crossing that is a bit rough but is easily traversed. AT this point you are home free. If you want an awesome view of the Missouri River take a turn left just before the bridge into Chamois and enjoy a moment there at the park. After crossing the bridge you will come to the first stop sign. That is the intersection of HWY 100 and Main Street in Chamois. Main Street heads back South into the business district of the town. ENJOY!


Beautiful ride through Ozark hill country. Road has nice rhythmic curves that trade from right to left with mild rollercoaster hills. HWY 100 takes the rider through gorgeous rural scenery including lush Tree lined hills with views breaking through of vistas of surrounding hills. There are spectacular views across meadows with rides below rock cliffs and down into Missouri river bottom flats.

Drive Enjoyment

Hwy 100 is a nice and smooth black top with great gradual turns that sweep from right to left. HWY 100 is a really ideal little road that has minimal traffic. The road takes the rider over a range of terrain but has a consistent smooth surface with one small area toward the end marked with a yellow "BUMP" sign. There is only one stop sign about halfway with a single 90 degree right hand turn. There is a Rail Road crossing just before you hit the Missouri River basin, When you got to the Old School on the hill be very careful going up the hill. Pay special attention to the left hand turn into the parking that is right under the water tower. One of our pack members met some gravel that introduced her to the grass. This not a long or fast ride but is truly idyllic if you are looking for a leisurely ride that is not on a wheel worn path full of tourists. Be Safe!

Tourism Opportunities

There is not much at all between the starting point at the outskirts of Linn and ending point of Chamois. There is a gas station right near the starting point of the ride and a great little Park just off 100 as you get into Chamois. Chamois is a very small town that has a great convenience store right on Main with gas and people fuel if you need to fuel up. Right across from the quick stop is a great little bar and grill called Dandi's that has good pub fare, full bar, and hosts live bands on weekends. The star of our trip, aside from the ideal ride, was the stay at The Old School on the Hill Bed and Breakfast, built in the late 1800's. It is positioned on the High point above Chamois, right at the end of Main St. This is an affordable, and motorcycle enthusiast friendly, B and B that is a historical property that looks out over the Missouri river valley. I am not a big Band B fan but this place is special. The rooms are huge, clean, and not too frilly.

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October 25, 2013
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This is a part of one of my favorite rides especially in the fall. I continue the ride from Chamois all the way to Hermann. From Hermann I like to cross the river and take 94 highway back to the Jefferson City area. Have to watch the roads as they can be a little rough and plenty of pot holes in places.
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