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By Squid8347 (10 McR Points) on Mar 28, 2021

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Written Directions

Junction of MO72 & MO 25 in Jackson. Through Marble Hill, Marquand and Yount to Oak Ridge.


You'll enjoy the tree lined hills of SE Missouri, passing through a corner of the Mark Twain National Forest. Try to count the cows if you can!

Drive Enjoyment

Lots of twisties and sweeping curves and hills. For the most part, the roads are smooth, but there are a few bumps on the less traveled letter roads. I rode this on a bike with short suspension travel today and only once said "ouch".

Tourism Opportunities

You'll pass Bollinger Mill and the Castor River Shut-Ins, which are worth seeing. The ride ends in Oak Ridge. Stop at the Mudcat Cafe for lunch

No reviews added for this route. Write a review