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By HDSoftailRider (9 McR Points) on Jun 16, 2016

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Written Directions

Route starts in Vienna, at the intersection of 63 & 42. Take 42W towards Lake of the Ozarks. Route takes you through Iberia and Brumley. Brings you into Osage Beach in front of the School of the Osage and right up to the main drag at the intersection of Business 54 near the Stonecrest Mall.


Beautiful scenery, full of hills and dells. Plenty of historical features (old farm houses, barns, etc that nature is in the process of reclaiming) for photos or just to enjoy the sights. Crosses over more than 12 different creeks, almost all were flooded during our trip. Spotted deer during the trip, which was always good in my book. A fall ride on this route would be accentuated by the vibrant colors of the changing leaves.

Drive Enjoyment

Filled with many curves, mostly with signs giving warnings of the upcoming needs to slow down if necessary. Didn't find hardly any potholes, if any at all. Had to dodge roadkill here and there, but that is every motorcyclist's job while riding.

Tourism Opportunities

We filled up in Vienna before starting this leg of our journey (had already used about a tankful getting to this point). Saw Maggie's Cafe near the intersection, but we were off after filling our tanks. Noticed Hard Times restaurant in Iberia as we drove through, but we didn't stop. Didn't see anything as we passed through Brumley, but 42 takes you right along the outskirts of town. We stopped to eat on Osage Beach at Wendy's. Nothing fancy, but if you are interested in good Thai/Chinese cuisine, stop in at Wok&Roll on the Bagnell Dam Strip. Their entrees start at $11, but you get your money's worth with the quantity. Quality of food is superb. Best Pad Thai around, full of perfect flavor and just enough spice (you order how hot you want it from 0-5) to satisfy this rider and his passenger.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

If your looking for any leather goods for yourself or your bike, don't forget to stop at The Leather Man, also on the Bagnell Dam Strip. They'll take great care of you and, if you're there on any other day but Friday or Saturday, make sure you say "Hi!" to Judy.

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