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December 1, 2011
This is great country side, Bennett spring is a…

Written Directions

This route essentially circumnavigates the upper stretches of the Niangua river and its main feature Bennett Springs. Starting in Lebanon, Missouri travel westward on Hwy. 64. about 10 miles towards Bennett Springs State Park. The turn in to Bennett is well defined, and the short spur off of Hwy 64 puts you right in the heart of the Valley encompassing the park. Carrying on, another very short road brings you back onto hwy 64 where you can continue west. After traveling up and out of the deep Niangua river valley you can relax a bit before the adrenaline pumping turns and short straight-aways that beg you to crack the throttle and smile! After about 8 or so miles past Bennett, turn southbound (left) on State Road K. Small undulations in the pavement and slightly lower road quality are to be paid attention to but not restrictive. Expect plenty of "Peg Scrapers" followed by short straight-aways and then it all happens again many more times. Stay on State Road K as it takes you in a crooked southern path until it splits and goes due west ... at this point you'll want to continue on State Road Y & P which will take you through Cedar Ridge and on down to Long Lane, MO and run into Route 32. Now go left (East) onto Route 32 all the way back to Lebanon. Enjoy!


Scenery is typical Ozark Plateau. Rolling hills give way to stretches of farmland and sweeping river valleys. High elevations in the road allow great views of the surrounding terrain. Nearby Bennett Springs has a large crystal clear spring that pours fresh water into the adjacent Niangua River.

Drive Enjoyment

Road quality is good along the major roads, but degrades slightly on the smaller K(P)highway.

Tourism Opportunities

World renowned fly fishing at Bennett Springs State Park is a must do even if your just watching the anglers! The nearby Niangua offers laid back canoe and rafting opportunities as well as camp sites aplenty. After Bennett there is not much to do except enjoy your ride and expect to meet some friendly people at any stop along the way.

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December 1, 2011
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
This is great country side, Bennett spring is a beautiful park. Stoping and watching the waterfall is nice. If you want a good breakfast stop at the Circle J resturant. Its located between the entranceses and exits of bennett spring on hiway 64.
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