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By jcomaha (37 McR Points) on Aug 06, 2016

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March 10, 2020
Nice cruise for a couple hours if local in MI.…

Written Directions

Start out in Commerce at Union Lake Road and Richardson Road, ride north to Cooley lake road. Follow east to Williams Lake road and head north to Maceday Lake Road. Then head north to Nelsey Road. Follow that north to White Lake Road. Follow that into the town of Clarkston. From there, hook up with M15. Then follow M15 to Bay City.


This road will show you many views of the various lakes in Oakland county and present curvy roads and nice views of the lakes and homes. It's a lot of curves and traffic at first to get out of the city and into Clarkston but the views are good and the ride is fun. Once in Clarkston, you have nice quaint town to see and stop for food and gas. Then the road becomes a nice rode north with small towns, various lakes and views and plenty of places for gas and food.

Drive Enjoyment

The road has a lot of curves early on going thru the lake areas. A few of those has potholes because it's less than ideal meandering thi the area. The views make up for it. Once on M15, the road has good quality and rides well.

Tourism Opportunities

Lots of places to stop and eat. Clarkston has a couple of cafes good for breakfast and lunch. Ortonville has a couple of bars and grills with good lake views and good eats. One, Bullfrogs Bar, is friendly to bikers and has a great outside pavilion to eat and watch sports on tv and see the lake!

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This is a good ride if you want plenty of easy rising with good views, nice road, gas and food.

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March 10, 2020
124 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Nice cruise for a couple hours if local in MI. Accurate to what original post said.
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