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By Johnsouthshore (5 McR Points) on Nov 10, 2012

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Rte. 105 (S) Starts off of Rte 106 Near East Bridgewater.. South all the way to Rte 6 in Marion.. alot of great scenery and good eats.. a nice afternoon.. twata, tyrns, sweeps & farms.. Hint, grab something at the Country Whip drive in at the Junction of Main St. & Rte 105 (which turns there) in Acushnet.. a great and popular stop.


This goes South through Farms and into orchards down in Acushnet. Ends up in historic Marion at Rt. 6, East of New Bedford.

Drive Enjoyment

Great Road.. Pay attention to the 90 degree left & right turns.. Rte 105 is a designated scenic Highway.

Tourism Opportunities

The Country Whip drive in, in Acushnet is a great place to stop. I like their fried clams and burgers.

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A great way to spend an afternoon

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