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By 2002Vic (5 McR Points) on Aug 16, 2015

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Written Directions

Ride starts at DD on rt 5 in Whately MATurn left onto MA-116 N 0.8 mi Turn left onto MA-112 S/MA-116 N Turn right onto MA-116 N Turn right onto MA-8A N Turn right onto MA-2 E the ride ends on MA-2 in Charlemont MA


This route covers some great roads, You start at sea level and climb to about 1700 feet then come back down to about 500 feet above sea level,Great mountain and river veiws

Drive Enjoyment

very low trafic with some awsome twisties. pavement not toold.

Tourism Opportunities

Not much on the route itself but there are stores and resturaunts at each end. be sure to fill up as there is ne gas on the route

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