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By MrNuss (5 McR Points) on Feb 26, 2018

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Written Directions

From Smithsburg, MD, start on Foxville Rd (MD- 77), heading south east and take the first right onto Wolfsville Rd (MD-17). Follow this road for approximately 5 miles to the small town of Wolfsville, MD. After the short ride through the town, follow the sign for Wolfsville Rd (MD-17) to the left, heading east and then south. (Option: Ride straight onto Harp Hill Road. In just over 3 miles, Harp Hill Rd rejoins the Wolfsville Rd) In just under 5 miles, take a left at the stop sign, and continue to follow Wolfsville Rd (MD-17), heading south and slightly west now. Cross Hwy 40 at the stoplight, and ride straight into Myersville, MD, where the Wolfsville Rd ends at Main Street. Turn left onto Main St and follow MD-17 south through Myersville, crossing over Interstate 70 and through the town of Middletown, MD and continue south to the town of Burkittsville, MD - about 12 miles in all. In Burkittsville, turn right onto Gapland Rd and ride west over South Mountain, through Gathland State Park until the road ends at Rohersville Rd, MD-67. Turn right and ride north on MD-67 for about 7 miles until it ends at Alt Hwy 40 (Old National Pike), just south of Boonsboro, MD. Turn left on Alt Hwy 40 and ride northwest through Boonsboro, and take a right onto Maple Ave, MD-66, at the second stop light you come to. Follow MD-66 for just over 10 miles as it heads north, crossing Hwy 40 and Interstate 70, and eventually ends back at Smithsburg, MD at the Jefferson Blvd, MD-64 stop light. Turn right onto MD-64 and follow the road east and north to the stoplight at Foxville Rd (MD77), completing the loop.


This route winds through lush, forested valleys dotted with small farms and runs alongside several small streams. In many places the view opens onto wide valleys , with the South Mountain range on your left on the ride south, and on your right on the ride back north. Even though this route takes you through some small towns, these sections are generally brief and you quickly return to more scenic areas.

Drive Enjoyment

The roads throughout this loop are all well paved and in excellent condition. Some sections, particularly the northern section of MD-17, feature many sweeping curves and the road rises and falls affording excellent views of the road ahead. This route is both fun and relaxing for riders of all skill levels.

Tourism Opportunities

This route goes through several small towns, affording many opportunities and options for food, gas and anything else you may need or desire. There are several places to stop and relax, such as the historical town of Burkittsville, MD or Gathland State Park where you can see the War Correspondents Memorial Arch which was built and dedicated in 1896.

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