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By georgegraves (10 McR Points) on May 06, 2021

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Written Directions

Start at the Dunkin Donuts or BP station parking lot in Jefferson, MD. Staying on 180 (NOT 340, you'll miss a great sweeping turn if you get on 340 here), head towards Harpers Ferry WV. 180 will run into 340 near the bridge to Harpers Ferry. But if you cross that bridge, that means you just missed your turn. Turn around on the other side and come back. You'll go under the bridge you almost crossed and will ride along the railroad tracks. From here the route is easy. There is one small portion that overlaps but the route is worth it. I recommend stopping in Boonsboro on your way back. Great easy, quick 2 hour trip (unless you stop to eat, ha ha)


Mostly wooded routes so the scenery is beautiful and winding. You'll cross single-lane bridges about 7 times (some bridges more than once, but no bridge more than twice). There is even a section where the creek overflows the road/bridge (hey, it's only about 1" of water, so don't worry. I did it on my naked bike, no problem). And you'll go through a national park on your way back

Drive Enjoyment

Some of the roads coming out of Harper's Ferry have been patched quite a few times but the rest seem fine. Fairly hill once leaving Harpers Ferry area. No loose gravel or sand tor worry about. Lots of curves on this route. I purposely built it so that I was not bored with a lot of straight road, even if it means I am traveling slower.

Tourism Opportunities

For the first part of the route, not much to see. Jefferson is a very nice albeit small community. There's great ice cream, coffee, and fried chicken all at the starting/ending point. Boonsboro also offers great food and local shopping. Other than those two towns, there's the memorial to General Mansfield and Gathland State Park that you'll pass through on your return route. Oh...and you'll return through the spooky...uh, really it's not...but beautiful town of Burkittsville where the movie The Blair Witch Project was supposedly filmed (but not).

No reviews added for this route. Write a review