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By ShtFuq (5 McR Points) on May 08, 2017

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Written Directions

This ride starts in Frederick where you head west from the corner of on Mt Phillip Road from it's intersection with Old National Pike Road. Head west on Mt Phillip Road and stay straight on this and it will run into Mt Zion Road where you want to turn left on to Mt Zion Road. Follow this road and after you pass the flashing 4 way stop and over the bridge (passing over US Highway 15) Mt Zion Road will turn into Cap Stine Road. Stay straight on this road for a while before coming up to the next hidden turn. After you pass the farms keep an eye out on your left for Manor Woods Road. Use caution on this road as it is fairly narrow and the pavement isn't the greatest. You CAN comfortably go quick on this road at the right time of day but please keep in mind for the blind hills. Continue on this road and you will eventually cross the intersection of Ballenger Creek. Continue straight on this onto Manor Woods. This next stretch of road is fun. There is a huge straightaway followed by a wide right turn and again by a big left turn. Slow down when approaching the stop sign past the church as gravel likes to collect near there sometimes. There will eventually be some train tracks you need to cross, be cautious as this is a blind hill as well. Once you get to the stop sign continue on straight until you come to Buckeystown. With the gas station to your left, take a right on Buckeystown Pike and continue on until you start seeing signs for 28. You will take a right onto 28 on Tuscarora Road and follow this to the Creamery. The creamery will eventually be to your left. If you would like to check out the BBQ place across the bridge, continue on and take a left at the light and cross the bridge into VA. The BBQ place will be there seasonally across from the gas station. Tuscarora Road will turn into Clay road as you enter Point of Rocks which is your end point of this route.


This route goes through a back cut through road to get to the highway that crosses into Virginia. You can continue through the windy roads past farms with cows and horses and eventually end up right on the Potomac River.

Drive Enjoyment

The road conditions are fair depending on how the weather has been. If there is a period of wet weather you should definitely check it out for any gravel wash. The road can be windy at times with a few fun turns that are fun every time you ride through them.

Tourism Opportunities

There are a few places to get gas and eat where you can end up off of this ride. You can end it in a few directions so it's up to you where you want to end up. There is sometimes a good BBQ truck/trailer and Kettle Korn company on the left side of Rt. 15 right after crossing the bridge into VA. It is right across from the gas station at certain weekends and evenings of weekdays. The food is excellent. If you turn back in the opposite direction and veer right as you cross back into MD, you will eventually end up at a creamery with freshly made ice cream. This place is amazing as well.

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