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By domonx (5 McR Points) on May 31, 2015

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Written Directions

This is an alternate route from frederick to baltimore city but I am just going to include the description of the route till the bridge across liberty reservoir.To me I found this a safer route as opposed to the accident /traffic prone I 70. Even though it took me an extra ten minutes to work. It was worth the drive From 15 take the exit for 26 east. You will come across small towns. Let me warn you about traffic lights in the small towns like liberty town and junctions of md 27,97 and 32. The route was scenic and fun with a speed limit of 55 through farm roads


There are 2-3 farms on this route. This is a getaway from the baltimore traffic on a nice Friday morning. The route is 2 lane traffic with occasional passing zones. There are gas stations along route near the towns. There is section near liberty town with ample tree covering so please keep a watch out for deers. This is a rural part of MD which was hard to believe that it existed near city life.

Drive Enjoyment

There are no twisties. A few curves along the way but they are gentle. The roads are well maintained. This route is good for beginners.

Tourism Opportunities

There are gas stations If you are near the town or near the junction. I did see 2 BBQ joints along the way but haven't bothered trying them out.

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