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By mickthedig (10 McR Points) on Jan 13, 2021

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Written Directions

At the intersection of Route 213 (Lewisville Road) & Training Center Drive in Fair Hill, MA, head east (the road will turn to the north and then east and then start to head south) on Training Center Drive eventually you'll take a left on to Tawes Drive which will now have you going east again. When you get to Elk Creek take a left on to Black Bridge Road and continue heading east/northeast until you get to the route's end at Appleton Road. Note: on this route you'll be traveling on gravel and asphalt roads through Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Areas a covered bridge.


This is a state park with riding stables, horse tracks, and walking trails woodland and parkland.

Drive Enjoyment

From asphalt to long gravel roads which are easy to ride.

Tourism Opportunities

Picnic areas, trails, and trout fishing.

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