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By jlyons714 (5 McR Points) on Nov 18, 2011

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Written Directions

Starting anywhere along Interstate 695 near Baltimore, merge onto the nearest exit for I-70 West, after near 40 miles, take the exit for US rt.340 West, crossing the bridge over the Potomac River, into West Virginia, the historic town of Harpers Ferry will be your 2nd right, follow the brick road til the end. If you desire to go straight to Charles Town, famous for the casino and races, continue on rt.340 West for 7 more miles. If you decide to stop at Harpers Ferry, once you come back down the brick road to meet US 340, turn right heading West. Continue on for 7 miles until you reach Charles Town. Follow US340 through Charles Town, beware it takes a right at a 4-way intersection. Once it makes a right, take your first left onto highway 51, this is the highlight of the entire route. Highway 51 runs straight to interstate 81 and the route's end point. Note: now you can easily get back to Baltimore by taking I-81 north and then get on I-70 heading east back into Baltimore.


Along the various routes stemming from Baltimore, traffic will be busy, normal for this area. But I-70 has little traffic, generally wide lanes, and perfect, straight roads for just laying back and cruisin'. No traffic, no police, just rolling hills, wide lanes, and farms all along the way. US 340 is mostly 2 lanes, very little traffic and beautiful scenery. Rt.340 runs right by Harpers Ferry National Park, along with tons of farm land. It also takes you right across the Potomac River Bridge, a breath taking view as the river flows through the valley. Rt.51 is very rural and small, but is covered in farmland. Nicknamed "the loopty loop", it has tons of hills you can easily toss your lunch on, it's like cruising on a roller coaster at whatever speed you prefer. Low traffic, beautiful scenery, smooth, wide, windy roads, where else can you get that? I-81 is typically not too packed with traffic, just beware of semi trucks and deer, but it's also a fast paced, wide road traveling through rural areas.

Drive Enjoyment

Very little potholes on any of these roads, lots of hills, sweeping curves, and long straight stretches with little traffic!

Tourism Opportunities

Tons of restaurants, diners, parks, overlooks, and things to do! Historic Harper's Ferry, Charles Town Races and Slots, Potomac River Bridge overlook, and lots of roadside diners.

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beware of wildlife crossings

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