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By bwaltz8488 (10 McR Points) on Jul 25, 2011

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Written Directions

Going east from Lewiston on Rt. 202 take a gradual right on Rt. 41/133 in Winthrop. Stay on Rt. 133, until you turn left on Rt. 219 in Wayne, ME. From there, you take a left on Rt. 106 which brings you back to Rt. 202, which you can follow to Lewiston (West) or Augusta (East).


Many farms and rural areas. On many points of the ride you can see Androscoggin Lake.

Drive Enjoyment

Windy roads. Road quality is good, for the most part...but watch out for railroad tracks and sharp unbanked corners.

Tourism Opportunities

Tubby's Ice Cream shop is an awesome place to stop and get ice cream on a hot day. Also, it is right next to Androscoggin Lake, so you might swim after eating.

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