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By dilligafla (5 McR Points) on May 17, 2012

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Written Directions

South bossier city LA start corner of hwy 71 and 612. head south, left on hwy 527, down that hwy to corner of 527 and 157, the left or north on 157 down to corner of 157 and 612, left on 612 back to corner of 612 and 71. thus the block,


woods and fields mostly

Drive Enjoyment

This route is great for a quick nice ride with lots of curves and a few straght aways to open it up on these backroads.

Tourism Opportunities

there are one or two gas stations on the route that sell food and stuff, if u like take a detour off route about 5 miles and check out Camp Joy, you will see the signs

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is my favorite little quick get out the house and get out of town ride. relax and get away from traffic and test your skills in the curves if you want.

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