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By stalls (10 McR Points) on Sep 14, 2017

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April 15, 2018
Great day ride. I started from Alexandria. Roads…

Written Directions

Start at the Washington Citgo on 150 West DeJean St. (Highway 182). Gas up, enjoy a local greasy burger and head north on Highway 182. Cross under I-49 and when you reach "Beggs" make sure you turn left (north) on 182 and don't continue straight on Highway 10 (that is for another ride another day). You are riding north through land that has been farmed since before the Civil War. This used to be rich plantation country. After you pass through Whiteville, Highway 182 will simply merge into Highway 29 - keep heading north. Stay on Highway 29 until it dead ends into Highway 71 in Bunkie. Turn left at this intersection (you'll be heading northwest now). Follow this highway up through Chenevyille, Meeker and into Lecompte. Lecompte is the home to Lea's pies! The establishment is known as Lea's Lunchroom. Listen, you go here for one reason only - THE PIE! The official address is 1810 US-71, Lecompte, LA 71346. When you enter the town you'll see the red and white building on your left. After you enjoy the best pie in Louisiana, exit Lea's by going west on Highway 112 to Forrest Hill. The Forrest Hill area is known for his landscaping farms - very hilly area and fun to ride. Highway 112 will run into Highway 165. Turn left (southwest) and ride south until you reach Glenmora. Turn left (east) onto Turkey Creek Road - you are now in the backwoods of Louisiana. You have left civilization for some nice windy and wooded roads to ride. Once you reach the town of Turkey Creek you'll take a right and then a quick left onto Highway 167. You can ride this straight into Ville Platte heading south OR you can take a longer, more scenic route by turning left (east) onto Highway 106 and then right (south) onto Highway 3042. VERY VERY nice part of the trip here. You'll pass through part of Bayou Chicot Park. This route will bring you into Ville Platte as well. Once you enter Ville Platte, you will turn left (southeast) on Highway 167 and ride it until you reach the intersection with Highway 103 outside of Ville Platte. Turn left (north). This is a country highway that will wind its way back into Washington and bring you back to the Citgo Station you started at almost three hours ago.


The first leg of the trip from Washington to Lecompte is over flat, wide open land with lots of farming. Hardly any traffic and wide open land. From Lecompte to Ville Platte, the route is now heavily wooded and good chunks of the route being on windy-wooded roads. There are a couple of highways that are good roads and are straight shots - so its a good mix. Glenmora to Ville Platte is a fun ride.

Drive Enjoyment

The only roads that you'll run into some bumps (and its not bad) is from Glenmora past Turkey Creek. Its really not bad at all. The highways on this route are in really great shape - really good for riding.

Tourism Opportunities

You are in rural St. Landry Parish and Evangeline Parish. This is COUNTRY. The small little towns will have gas stations for you. There are some eateries in Lecompte (pies sold at "Lea's Lunch Room"!!!!), Forrest Hill and Ville Platte and of course the greasy burgers at Washington Citgo.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Once you make the trip to Lea's and would prefer to turn back around and follow your route to Washington you'll still have an amazing ride through pretty country!

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April 15, 2018
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Great day ride. I started from Alexandria. Roads are good with a mixture of flat straights, curves, and elevation changes.
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