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By Airplane (5 McR Points) on Apr 13, 2016

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Written Directions

Begin In Jena, LA. Go South out of town on Louisiana highway 127. Turn left on Louisiana highway 460. Go straight across U.S. Highway 84 at White Hall. Follow Louisiana highway 8 east to the intersection of Louisiana highway 126 at Manifest. Turn left and get ready for the curves. Follow Louisiana Highway 126 to Louisiana highway 503 at Nickel. Turn left on 503 follow it to Louisiana highway 127 at Summerville, LA. Turn left on Louisiana highway 127 and go south back to Jena, LA.


This route is like most roads in Louisiana. There are areas where the trees are right up next to the road. Then there are areas where the trees have ben cut back and you can see the rolling hills. Its not the scenery that will thrill on this route. It is the curvy road that will be enjoyed by all.

Drive Enjoyment

This route has nice new roads with the exception of the first 8 miles down Louisiana highway 127 South of Jena. The rest of the Highways have just been redone during the summer of 2015. The road south of Jena has some nice curves and elevation changes, but they pail in comparison to the ones on highway 126 between Manifest, LA and Aimwell, LA. This section will lull you into thinking this road is just like every other flat road in the state of Louisiana, however about two mile in to the ride you will begin the uphill climb for the next 8 miles as the road curves around and follows one ridge and then another. Some of the curves are marked with a posted speed of 25 miles per hour. You will come to a very sharp curve by the Aimwell fire station that marks the top of the hill where the old Forestry Fire tower used to be.

Tourism Opportunities

There are no state parks along this route. There is only one gas station on it after you leave Jena. That station is a White Hall Mall on the side of U.S Highway 84 about 16 miles into the route. This is the last gas and bathroom for the remainder of the route. The rest of the route is dotted with Churches, Old grave yards and country homes.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review