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By MCR Contributor (988 McR Points) on May 22, 2011

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July 16, 2019
Until we got to Tyner, the route was so-so, but…

Written Directions

One way to get to the startign point would be to take South 27 to McCreary County, Stearns, KY. Take the stop light to enter Stearns. Start in Stearns and HWY 92 will be on your right. Take 92 to Monticello. (At that point you've completed the route I've described here but if you want to continue then I suggest you stay on 92 all the way to Columbia. From there you can choose a variety of roads to take you back east to Somerset. Or, if you don't want to continue to Columbia, I suggest you head northeast from Monticello to Burnside by route 90 and then back to Stearns by HWY 27.)


The road cuts back and forth through the forested foothills of the Appalachia. Rides the top of ridges with scenic views, down through Big south Fork NRRA. You can continue to travel 92 and link to 80 back to Somerset, KY, or you can travel from Monticello, KY to Somerset, KY and come back down 27 to Stearns. 27 is one of the longest highways in the Eastern US.

Drive Enjoyment

Some very good twists, turns, and hills. Road is not new pavement, and there are some potholes in areas. It does ride fair though.

Tourism Opportunities

Begining in Stearns, and arriving in Monticello. Option to continue on ending in Somerset, KY or Columbia, KY.

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July 16, 2019
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Until we got to Tyner, the route was so-so, but once north of Tyner, it DEFINITELY was worth the ride!
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