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By jasonainslie (14 McR Points) on Sep 26, 2022

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Written Directions

Start in Stanton on Furnace Rd/213. I started the route just south of the mountain Parkway because thats how I got to stanton. From there you will travel approximately 7.5 miles to a left 1057 or Watson ridge road. After about 800 feet you will veer left onto High Rock road. Stay on High Rock road until it dead ends on South Fork Rd. (1639) approx 7 miles and turn left. After 2 miles turn sharp right onto Campton road (KY11). In 4 miles you will turn right onto Natural Bridge Road - still KY 11. After approx 8.8 miles turn right onto ky 1036. After 2.9 miles take a hard right onto Barkers branch road. NOTE BARKERS BRANCH BECOMES UNPAVED FOR A STRETCH. After 2.5 miles turn left onto Three Forks road. In 1.1 miles Take a sharp right onto South Fork Rd. Stay on South Fork Road for 6.4 miles back to Campton Rd. Turn Left this time onto Campton (ky 11) this will take you back to Stanton in 8 miles. Turn Left on Main Street and you will return to the start.


Much of this area was obscured by trees and I was very focused on the road, however, I did notice some arches and very nice views pop out when there was a break in the trees. It is rural Kentucky mountains. If you aren't the driver there is probably a lot more to see.

Drive Enjoyment

I had a great time on this ride. There are a bunch of blind hairpin turns, twisties, grade changes, you name it. Road Quality? Let's face it that's the reason for the name. The road quality is an obstacle to overcome. There are potholes, landslides with failing roads, gravel on the road, leaves, suicide squirrels, deer that want to ride with you, turkey vultures that Will Not Move, and part of the road becomes gravel for a mile or two. So there is plenty of things to keep you busy and occupied while you are carving the nasty curves.

Tourism Opportunities

This route takes you past 2 different gateways into the Red River Gorge itself - Nada Tunnel being the most accessible. You also go past natural bridge state park which has a simply stunning view. There are tons of places along natural bridge road to stop and shop or eat/drink and if you have been on the road a bit and want and adventure check out southeast mountain guides for an amazing and safe climbing experience.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review