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By Guest (0 McR Points) on Aug 31, 2002

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October 13, 2008
Great road, great ride. I lived in this area…

Written Directions

The directions to this route are very simple. Take Route 68 south from Lexington Kentucky to the route's end in the town of Harrodsburg Kentucky.


A solid 5 in this category!!! This route specializes in scenery and road quality. You will see Kentucky tobacco and dairy farms mixed with gorgeous Kentucky thoroughbred horse farms. Many of the farms are outlined in neatly kept black or white plank fences. You will end up descending into the Kentucky River Gorge and have great views of the surroundings from some of the valleys 300-foot bluffs.

Drive Enjoyment

This short route will show you some of the best motorcycle ridding in the state of Kentucky. Much of the roads have sharp turns and steep climbs. You will be traveling through the Kentucky River Gorge lined at many points by 300-foot bluffs. Some portions of the route lead you up a path scaling these bluffs giving you fantastic views. The route finishes of in some great rolling hills. Again, a solid 5!!!

Tourism Opportunities

Below is a list of amenities along this route you may be interested in visiting. They are described from north to south:

- The route starts out in the city of Lexington KY. This is a modern city with a whole collection of things to do and places to eat at and stay at (Hot Link). - The most famous of the racehorse farms you will pass is the old Almahurst Farm located about 10 miles south of Lexington. The farm is outlined with a traditional white picket fence and neatly decorated with a collection of well groomed barns and stables. - Soon you will come to the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. This was a one time self-sufficient colony for a group of Shakers who arrived here back in 1805 from the New England area. The colony disbanded about a hundred years later. The town is on display and many of the buildings have been restored and are available for tours for a small fee (606-734-3314). - Harrodsburg is Kentucky's oldest permanent settlement built in 1775! It was constructed as a "palisade village" to provide protection against hostile Indians. At Old Fort Harrod State Park (606-734-3314) you can see a mock up of the old fort as well as the cabin where Abraham Lincoln's parents were married in 1806. The cabin is known as the Lincoln Marriage Cabin and was actually moved to the park from its original setting a few miles west of Harrodsburg.

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- View the weather forecast for this area from Yahoo weather .

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October 13, 2008
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Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Great road, great ride. I lived in this area years ago. I look forward to cruising it again.
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