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By THEHOG (10 McR Points) on Oct 08, 2012

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Written Directions

Interstate 29 just South of Souix City, IA you take the Onawa exit. Continue thru town and stay on Highway 37. You will go thru a very small town of Turin. The next town will be Soldier. Continue on 37 to Dunlap, Iowa.


Onawa is a decent size town just east of the Missouri river. It is flat and boring for the first couple of miles till you reach Turin. Then you will begin to get into the Loess Hills. The road will become winding with lot's of turns. Watch for deer, turkeys and pheasants especially in the early fall months. The next town will be Soldier. Here you will be able to stop for a bite to eat or something to drink at the Midway Tavern. Then continue on 37 thru the winding hills of Iowa. Very pretty ride as you arrive in Dunlap, Iowa. Again several bars to to choose from for your refreshments. ENJOY!

Drive Enjoyment

Winding roads with lot's of curves for 20 miles of your trip. Pavement is in excellent shape the entire route. Elevation changes to the east & west of Soldier. It is flat from Onawa to Turin and can be windy until you get up into the hills.

Tourism Opportunities

Live music, burgers and cold beer at The Midway Tavern in Soldier, Iowa. Shoot some pool and stretch the legs at Lampe's Bar in Dunlap, Iowa.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

There is a winery just north of Castana, Iowa on highway 175. Timber Ridge Winery just west of highway 175 between Castana & Mapleton.

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