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By Scooter Charley (15 McR Points) on Feb 19, 2022

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Scooter Charley
15 McR Points
April 3, 2022
A very fine way to spend a couple of hours on the…

Written Directions

Starting at the intersection of US 231 and St Rd 26 E in West Lafayette, drive West to the roundabout and use the second exit for Newman Road. Follow Newman Road to Division Road, which turns right from Newman Road at the bottom of a hill. Stay on Division Road and turn right at the stop sign after about 1.5 miles. To tun left would put you on South River Road: turn right to stay on Division. Follow Division Road out to the west, passing Grandville public access point, over Indian Creek, and past the Ravines Golf Course. The road quality abruptly changes when you cross into Warren County at 700 North; 700 is the county line. Division Road changes into 1150 East with a sharp left; after a quarter mile it changes again into 675 N, which changes again after another quarter mile into 1125 E when you come to the town of Green Hill. Turn right onto 1125 E and proceed south. 1125 E turns onto 500 N after about 2 miles, which runs about a quarter mile, then becomes 1100 E. All of that can be thought of as "stair stepping' along the countryside; just stay on the 'main' road, and you'll be on the right course. 1100 E runs straight for several mimes before starting to curve left and right out thru the countryside; great road with little traffic! Somewhere it turns into Independence Road, which is the next small town to come up. At Independence, there is a stop sign at Cicot Road; go straight on Independence Road. Follow Independence Road until it tees into State Road 55, at a stop sign. Turn left onto St Rd 55, and proceed about a half mile. This ends at a stop sign where 55, 41, and 28 intersect. Turn left toward Attica. Follow this road into Attica, and go straight thru the first light at Perry St., then turn right at the second light onto St Rd 55. You will pass Alsop Chevrolet on the left and the Maus Funeral Home on the right. After 3.7 miles, St Rd 55 turns off to the left. There is Jeffries Body Shop at the intersection. St Rd 55 runs toward Wingate. After 3 miles the highway turns right and is pretty well marked. Follow along into the town on Newtown; go straight across the intersection there, staying on 55. When you get to Wingate, the road curves to the left, then back to the right with a filling station on the right. St Rd 25 intersects 55 here; stay on 55/26 thru Wingate to the stop sign at Wabash Street. Turn left onto Wabash St, which is old St Rd 55. Follow 55 thru Elmdale; watch for the yellow 'suggested speed limit' signs, as a few of the curves are blind and very sharp. Please don't shoot off into the corn field! Old 55 crosses over I-74, and several miles later ends at the intersection of 136. Turn left onto 136 toward Crawfordsville. The road changes into Waynetown Road after a few miles, then becomes Market St as you enter town. The second stop light on Market St is the intersection of St Rd 231. This is the end of the route. I have very often turned around and reversed the route back to West Lafayette. Otherwise, you can bring St Rd 231 back to Lafayette, and you will end up right back where you started at 231 and 26.


A combination of rural towns and countryside, mostly farms and wooded areas, with very little traffic to distract you from the scenery. Very often hawks and turkey vultures are flying, even in cloudy weather, and I have seen deer and coyote in the fields.

Drive Enjoyment

The route gives the rider a broad variety of roads, from arrow straight to curves and gentle hills out thru the countryside. The roads are mostly in good shape, but watch for patched areas that can be a bit rough.

Tourism Opportunities

The small towns offer some charm from a historical point of view, but there are also a number of places to stop and rest along the way as well.

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Scooter Charley
April 3, 2022
15 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
A very fine way to spend a couple of hours on the bike; lots of variations in the road type, from twistiness to dead straight runs.
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