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By penrose (10 McR Points) on Jun 24, 2018

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Written Directions

start at the W.E Wilson Elementary school in Jeffersonville Indiana. Turn right onto Charlestown PIke. Turn right onto Augusta drive. Turn right onto Hamburg PIke. Turn left onto Charlestown New Albany road. Turn right onto 31. Turn left onto Indiana Avenue. Turn Right on Lasalle Street. Turn right onto East Saint Joe Road. Turn Right onto Allentown road. Turn left onto Perry Crossing. Turn right onto East Water Street also know as 60. Take 60 all the way to Salem. You will pass thru Borland and New Perkin. Turn right onto State Road 160. You will see a sign which reads - beware of sharp curves and turns - YEA. Take 160 and enjoy the scenery and the curves of the road. About 3/4 of the way you will come to Henryville - right after you pass over I-65. On the right will be a restaurant named Good Fellas...great Sunday buffet. After breakfast continue down country road 160 until you reach Country road 403. Take a right. Continue down 403 until Salem Noble road, take right. Take right onto Charlestown Pike. Charlestown Pike turns into Charlestown New Albany road. Take right onto Holman then a quick right onto a Charlestown Pike. Go about 1/4 mile and you are back at the school.


The ride takes about 1.5 hours. The first 30 min you will not see to much great stuff but nice area. The first 15 min will be a golf course, a large adult store, some car repair shops. The next 15 min will be a nice 2 lane road covered with trees and open land - but pretty straight. The last part of the 30 minutes you will pass thru sellerburg and turn onto indiana avenue. This is where the ride picks up. Nice turns in this 10 minute streatch and some farmland. Once you get onto 60 heading to borland you wil be on open land with some mom and pop shops along the way with some big houses. You will also pass Dean lake if you are up for a hike. Next will be Borden and then New perkin. Nice scenery along the way - no traffice lights or stop signs. The best part of the ride is once you ge to 160 - about 50 minutes into the ride. there you will see a sign that reads beware of curves. This is great road. Lots of farmland, small churches, and plenty of turns. After about 30 minutes the farmland turns in to lots and lots of woods on each side of you. Best part of the ride. During this 10 min stretch there are places you can turn off to the side of the road to enjoy the view or take a pic or two. As you continue on you will reach Henryville. The road turns back into farmland and hills. Once your reach charlestown about 20 min later the ride turns into two lanes but the scenry is more houses than farms. After about 12 mintues of this you will turn down a country road and see more farms until the trip is over.

Drive Enjoyment

The entire ride is pot hole free. Some railroad tracks but not are bad. The trip begins with flat straight roads, then some twisty curves, then some straight again, then some curvry hilly, and back to straight. The final strech is straight and hilly.

Tourism Opportunities

Beginning of trip lots of places to grab a snack or fuel up. In borden buckboard diner, Norma Jeans ice gream or sandy custom cakes.In Salem you have the Mill and homemad cooking at christies.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review