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By sayter (14 McR Points) on Aug 07, 2020

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Written Directions

A cruise pace,or faster. Start in Waterloo IN. At the intersection of US 6 and 427, take 427 north. 427N will go through Hamilton IN ,there's a lake with plenty of put stop areas for fuel and food. Continue on 427N to the IN/OH state line. This will be farm country and woods. At the state line 427 becomes Ohio 34, follow till it intersects with 49. Take 49N through Edon, Edon is a po-dunk that rolls up the street at sundown. Continue on 49N till it intersects with US20. Once at intersection of 49 & US20, turn right (east) onto US20. Continue on US20 untill county Rd 7, make a left (north) continue until reaching county Rd R. Once you arrive at county Rd R, make a left(west). About 1/4 mile on right, you'll arrive at Lake La Su An wildlife area.


The route is a mix of farm country and woods. It's a relaxing ride. You can hammer down,or just enjoy a cruise. Police are non existent pretty much. There's lakes in Hamilton IN, and final destination, there's also Nettle lake not far from the routes end point at Lake La Su An (Nettle Lake is just a couple miles away if you want to add a bit more to the ride and take in yet another lake view).

Drive Enjoyment

Roads are decent, some curves, safe for new riders, veteran riders will enjoy at faster speeds. Once on the Ohio side, it's pretty much straight shots, long ones...wink wink! These are back roads with woods. Police are pretty much non existent, just a realxing ride.

Tourism Opportunities

Average fuel stops and eats, couple of bars. It's a leisurely ride, a break, best in fall when leaves change colors. At the lake there are trails to walk around the lake. You'll more than likely be the only one there. Be careful at sunset, lots of deer and critters.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review