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By Doc. Hays (18 McR Points) on Jan 07, 2012

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June 3, 2019
All good roads for an easy Sunday cruise.

Written Directions

Starting at Iuka Ill, East on US Hwy 50 to Flora IL then south on US Hwy 45 to Norris city then south on State Rt. 1 to Cave-n-Rock then back north to Norris city following Rt. 1 to Lawrenceville Ill. back west on US Hwy 50 back to Iuka.


I like the roads in this part of southern Illinois the upper part starts with mostly farm land the new rows of corn running along side the bike, as you travel east, then south on Hwy 45, more hills start to show thier heads, small old town along the way, then south at Norris city on Rt. 1 takeing this to Cave-in-Rock, If you want you can ride a fairy across the Ohio river, the closer to the river more and more hills,

Drive Enjoyment

Starting this trip at a mom and pop gas station buying snackies, road is mostly flat with long sweeping curvers, then south sharper curvers due to the hills nothing a rider with time in the saddle can't handle.

Tourism Opportunities

Small villages along the way something to stop at all along the way, Shawnee National forest, small parks dot the was for a pick-nick, I believe you could have a great time

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June 3, 2019
17 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
All good roads for an easy Sunday cruise.
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