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March 31, 2011
awesome!!@@@ tommy tommy thompson!!@!@@

Written Directions

Start at Rte 40 North in Sterling, IL. Proceed North on Rte 40 (Locust St) to Fulfs Rd, about 2 miles. Turn left on Fulfs Rd and take until it "tees," about 5 miles. Turn right on to Coletta Rd. and take to Coletta, about 6 miles or so. Turn left on to Pilgrim Rd. Stay on Pilgrim until it "tees," about 7 miles. Turn right on Lyndon Rd and go about 2 miles to Fairhaven Rd. which intersects on the left (you have to be careful and look for the rode sign). Turn left on Fairhaven and go through Fairhaven until it "tees," about 7 miles. Turn right on Rte. 78 (Carroll rd) and go a short 2 miles to Thomson Rd, which intersects from the left (look for sign). Turn left on to Thomson rd and stay on this until it intersects with Argo Faye rd, about 6 miles. Turn left on to Argo Faye and take this into Thomson. From Thomson take route 84 south to Fulton. In Fulton, catch US Highway 30 heading east and take this all the way back to the Sterling/Rock Falls area and completing the Thomson loop.


The trip starts out in rural Sterling Township with views of local farms and gently rolling hills. The closer one gets to Thompson the more dramitic the vistas and views become. There is at least one state nature preserve on the way, signs will direct, for those who want to get out and do some walking or exploring of the local landscape. Overall this is just a nice farm country ride.

Drive Enjoyment

All the roads are paved and in good shape. No real bumpy or rough surfaced roads. I would rate the roads at least a "B or C."

Tourism Opportunities

There are really no public places to stop along the way until you arrive at your destination. This is a short trip so you shouldn't any need to stop anyways. And the endpoint in Thompson, IL, there is a great ice cream stand that I can personally recommend for food and ice cream.

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March 31, 2011
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awesome!!@@@ tommy tommy thompson!!@!@@
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