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By ChiefPockets (27 McR Points) on Jun 21, 2017

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Written Directions

In Cherry Valley, IL, near Rockford and Belvidere. Start at the south end of River Road, where Bloods Point Road terminates. Follow River Road north until it ends at Cherry Valley Road.


Small farms, a brief glimpse of the South Branch Kishwaukee River, maybe a little wildlife. Nothing to write home about if you're familiar with the Midwest, but it's not the scenery that makes this interesting - it's the curves that make it stand out from the endless, arrow-straight, farmland roads of this region.

Drive Enjoyment

Relatively flat, nearly entirely sweeping corners. Road quality is pretty good, if a bit narrow, with the occasional bit of shoulder gravel strewn across it.

Tourism Opportunities

It's a very short road, there's nothing but a couple farms and the occasional turkey along it. However, the northern end of the route is spitting distance from Cherry Valley (small but nice) and is only a fifteen minute ride from Rockford and Belvidere. I HIGHLY recommend Taqueria El Molcajete in Belvidere - while their burritos may not be as large as some chains offer, the quality (and also the pre-meal chips & salsa) more than makes up for it.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

I wouldn't travel for hours to ride this road, but if you find yourself near Rockford and Belvidere this is a short but worthwhile detour.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review