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By FXDWG (5 McR Points) on Aug 19, 2018

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Written Directions

I normally start at the intersection of Route 52 & Lowell Park Road just outside of Dixon. The first 10 miles are straight with a couple of small hills. The last 5 miles are beautiful sweeping curves (9) that you can really lean into. The ride ends at Route 64. I suggest then going east and connect to Route 2 to add some more miles of smiles.


Mostly lonely farmland. Passes over or near by some creeks and rivers. I add this ride into either my rides along the Rock River or on my rides up to the Galena area.

Drive Enjoyment

First 5 miles are a little bumpy but after take it is very smooth

Tourism Opportunities

None along this route. This is a route you take for the curves, the empty roads, and quant farmland.

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