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By BillyXR (7 McR Points) on Oct 14, 2012

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Written Directions

Head west out of Twin Falls on Addison Avenue. Follow US Hwy 30 through Filer and then Buhl before descending into the canyon and following the Snake River to Hagerman. Continue on US Hwy 30 out of Hagerman, climbing back out of the canyon before arriving in Bliss.


Initially, the route runs though farmland as the highway makes its way though the small towns of Filer and Buhl. It's not far past Buhl that the highway dips into the Snake River Canyon, offering a commanding view of the Snake River, shrouded in trees and overlooked by 400-foot cliffs. The highway follows the river through Hagerman and crosses the river before climbing back out of the canyon, offering an entirely different view of the patchwork farmland below, bisected by the river.

Drive Enjoyment

The road is well maintained, as it is the only highway leading into Hagerman from either direction. It's mostly slow, sweeping curves as it follows the river down in the canyon.

Tourism Opportunities

Hagerman is home to 1000 Springs Resort and Banbury Hot Springs, both great places for soaking in geothermally heated water. Also, west of the highway is Hagerman Fossil Beds, on of the area's most impressive geological sites.

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A great alternate route leaving the town of Buhl is to follow Clear Lakes Rd south before turning west onto River Road. This country road runs right along the Snake and offers some great scenery.

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