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By MCR Contributor (988 McR Points) on Apr 10, 2012

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May 21, 2012
I just ran this road last week and was completely…

Written Directions

Take Route 13 between Kooskia and Grangeville, ID.


This is a nice little side trip that can be added to the Camas Prairie Driving Tour and a portion of the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway on Hwy 12 for a great tour loop. The ride from Grangeville is predominantly full of fragrant farmland with crops that leave their scent on the air; be aware that this roadway is often used for larger farming machines so caution is recommended, especially during harvest season. Views from the road seem to go forever, with prairie in the foreground giving way to forested edges as you climb Harpster Grade and head toward Kooskia; Along the route: Kooskia Crossing, Eimers Park; Near the route: Tolo Lake, Camas Prairie.

Drive Enjoyment

This road is paved, and is kept in fair condition, it is an agricultural cut-through so some large rutting is evident. Coming out of Grangeville and up Harpster Grade, the road offers a few miles of straightaway. Once cresting Harpster Grade, the next 8 miles is full of s-curves, opening up onto 6 miles of wide sweeps that straighten out for the remainder of the drive.

Tourism Opportunities

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations available in Kooskia and Grangeville for fuel. Several dining options all along the way; we suggest a stop in at Chatterbox in Stites.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

To learn more about the MANY travel and recreation activities in North Central Idaho check out the North Central Idaho Travel Association website For current Idaho road conditions check out Idaho Transportation Department Road Conditions

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May 21, 2012
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
I just ran this road last week and was completely absorbed by the TIGHT twisties on this little ride.
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