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By macr88 (84 McR Points) on Oct 06, 2022

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Written Directions

This route can be ridden from Boise 55/N Horseshoe Bend Rd and W Dry Creek Rd over to N Bogus Basin Rd and N Cartwright Rd in Boise or reverse. Just a fun way to connect the two roads and enjoy more corners.


There's honestly nothing to see here, there are some new home developments and rolling hills. There are a few supersized homes, a few farms and a person who wants you to slow down so you don't take any deer out.

Drive Enjoyment

It's a relatively smooth road with the newest section being closest to 55 which also has the most consecutive turns of the route. The rest is a bit more stretched out with longer straights between corners.

Tourism Opportunities

You can stop at Spiral's Pizza & Sushi, their pizza is actually quite good, sushi rolls were ok. You can sit outside and enjoy some good pizza and there's also a coffee shop nearby. There are far more places on the Bogus Basin side of town though. Spiral's Pizza & Sushi 5872 W Hidden Springs Dr Boise, ID 83714

No reviews added for this route. Write a review